How to organize a killer Golf theme Party

The creative ones will try out every single idea they come across. Golf theme parties are all the rage these days. For this reason, it always makes sense to embrace this theme when expecting guests who love golf. Moreover, it’s a wise way of adding some unique elements to an already existing party theme.

The following are tips that could go a long way into helping you put up a golf theme party.


frog gold decorationIf you have tables in your golf theme party, you can use green clothes with white circles on them. The green color represents a golf course, while the white circles are the golf balls.

You can also include yellow flags as center pieces on your table. Alternatively, these flags can be hung on the wall to give the same effect.

Rather than serving napkins for hand towels, be golf-conscious by serving guests with golf towels for purposes of keeping their hands and faces dry. Also, if you’re that generous, you could let them keep those towels as a way of extending favor.

Finally, you still have the option of printing golf balls with personalized messages and pictures (depending on the purpose of the party). These can be printed on almost anything. So if you have a number of items that need printing, you could consider incorporating this style as well.

Golf games

golfers-960917_640You don’t need a golf course for guests to play on. In fact, you don’t even need an extensive swath of land to put up a golf show. All you need is your backyard. Your backyard has sufficient space just enough for accommodating home-made golf activities. You can put a “luxury” note in the game by playing with a gold golf ball like this one. As for the holes, you can use something like a plastic cup.

Secondly, you still have the option of setting up targets in your yard. Then host a contest where you compete to see who can put the ball closest to the target in just one putt.

Thirdly, you can spruce up the party with a glass jar of golf tees and let guests guess how many of them are inside. Finally, while you do all this, have an excellent prize pending to award the winner.

Golf club snacks

To imitate what happens in a golf course, you could consider making your menu resemble that which is found in a golf course or club. Sandwiches can be made with mayo, bacon, tomato, lettuce and white bread. This can be served with a drink that is one part lemonade and one part ice tea.


A golf theme party is ideal for guests who love golf. Also, if you’re throwing a birthday party for someone who loves golf, this is the best way to show your love for them. Of course these tips will help you come across as more specific.